10 Tips to Effectively Self-Manage as a Pilates Business Owner.

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Have you ever thought to yourself that there aren’t enough hours in the day, or felt overwhelmed at the number of tasks facing you? You’re not alone and every Pilates Business Owner I have ever worked with has felt like this from time to time. But first let me just say there is no such thing as time management, time will manage itself. We all have 24 hours in a day, every day. The reason some people are more successful than others is their ability to Self-Manage, to know, prioritise and work on the things that bring them maximum success. Here’s 10 tips to help you out!

1. Clarify your business goals and strategy – Be very clear about your aims and ambitions, both short and long term. Write them down. Once you know what you really want to achieve (and why) with your Pilates business it’s easier to make decisions about what needs doing, and to plan accordingly.

2. Focus on your top priorities – You’ll be more productive and profitable if you identify and.focus on the areas most important to your Pilates business. Work on the fundamentals first. The Latin word ‘fundamentum’ means foundation – so take action, build strong foundations and the rest should follow. Some of the top priorities for your business should be to generate leads on a continuing basis, have a proven system in place to convert these leads, defining ways to increase the longevity and buying pattern of your clients and building processes that require less input from you.

3. Schedule time– Literally write an appointment in your work planner (you do have one of those, don’t you?) to set aside a realistic block of time for your priority actions. If you’re not setting time aside to run the business, then who is?? Working towards a plan, having a strategy reduces anxiety and keeps you focused on doing the right things.

4. Say no! Always check your schedule before committing to anything new. Don’t allow others to divert you from your objectives. Self-Management is about Traction towards your goals – all of the other stuff that you are getting pulled into is distraction and preventing you from being the success you can be.  

5. Create supportive systems – This includes systems for filing, management information and communication. Every successful Pilates business I’ve ever worked with has something in common – there are a key list of indicators that they are reviewing and working towards improving. Over time these show the progress you are making and where you need to get to. What is your occupancy level?, How many new leads came in this month? How many bought something? What happened after their first purchase?, just to name a few. You need to know how you are doing, period.  

6. Take a reality check – Will your current activity have a positive outcome, or are you doing it to avoid something else? Exactly how long have you been saying that the business needs to improve. Success can often be created by removing some misguided habits that have become rooted in the business in favour of a few positive actions repeated daily – the key of course is discovering what needs replacing.      

7. Delegate – It’s tempting to do something yourself when you think you can do it faster and better. But consider the long term – delegation, outsourcing now will save time in the future, and if done appropriately can motivate you, boost your confidence and help develop your skills. Key question here is, if I had this activity covered by someone else what additional high-value activity could I be doing to push the business forward?  

8. Repeat your success – Remember the last time you went away on holiday, and how you got so much done in those few days before you left? What strategies and techniques did you employ that made you so effective and focused? Can you repeat them? Alternatively, imagine you are going away tomorrow and work through today accordingly.

9. Balance your life – Formally schedule personal activities too, so you make time for family, friends, your health and fun because having a balanced life reduces stress and increases energy levels. Self-management is really about life management!

10. End the day – At the end of the working day, tidy your desk, make notes about what needs doing tomorrow and prioritise those tasks. You’ll worry less that evening and be prepared and focused the next morning.

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